A prince under a spell

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A prince was put under a spell so that he could speak only one word each year. If he didn’t speak for two years, the following year he could speak two words and so on.

One day, he fell in love with a beautiful lady. He refrained from speaking for two whole years so he could call her “my darling.” But then he wanted to tell her he loved her, so he waited three more years.  At the end of these five years, he wanted to ask her to marry him, so he waited another four years. 

Finally, as the ninth year of silence ended, he led the lady to the most romantic place in the kingdom and said, “My darling, I love you! Will you marry me?” 

And the lady said, “Pardon?”


  1. For those who did not get it, the prince waited 9 years to say, “My darling, I love you! Will you marry me?” and the woman said, “Pardon?”
    This means that the prince must wait another 9 years to repeat what he just said loudly and clearly, because he waited 9 years, wasted all 9 words asking if she would marry him, and when she said, “Pardon?” the prince could not reply because he had no words left. He would have to wait another 9 years to repeat, “My darling, I love you! Will you marry me?”
    LULZ 🙂

  2. whoever made that joke was just plain funny :-).
    When I was done reading it to my dad he could not stop laughing!!!!!!!

    that is so 5 stars:-)

  3. lol nice. Feel bad for the dude though. Oh well. It’s only nine more years! He can wait! Unless he’s like 91 or somethin. 🙂

  4. Good joke. It made us all feel for Mr. Froggie. I’d give it a 5. Having no paper? Not necessary to say. He didn’t know sign language, or have access to a computer or typewriter, or do smoke signals, or do Morse Code either we can assume. And she didn’t know croak-ese I guess! 🙂

  5. Poor prince. He must of thought,”I knew this was a bad idea.” I still think that he shouldn’t of wasted his life like that. Yet, It was a really funny joke. More like LOL!!!!!! Still, who and why did someone put a spell on him.

  6. go to random ten year old he explain it well or just say that he fell in love, waited nine years to say “my darling i love you will you marry me?” then the lady said “pardon?” so he had to wait another nine years to say it again.

    i can’t believe i said thagt xD

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