Are these plates clean?

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John visited his 90-year-old grandpa who lived way out in the country. On the first morning of the visit, John’s grandpa prepared a breakfast of bacon and eggs. John noticed a film-like substance on his plate, and asked, “Are these plates clean?”

His grandpa replied, “They’re as clean as cold water can get them. Just go ahead and finish your meal.”

For lunch, Grandpa made hamburgers. Again, John was concerned about the plates, as his appeared to have specks of dried egg on it. “Are you sure these plates are clean?” he asked.

Without looking up, Grandpa said, “I told you before, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them!” 

Later, as John was leaving, his grandpa’s dog started to growl and wouldn’t let him pass.

John said, “Grandpa, your dog won’t let me get by!”

Grandpa yelled to the dog, “Cold Water, go lie down!”


  1. that was really funny but kind of gross but i don’t care not all girls gross out at the slitest thing (i am one of them)

  2. Hey tatertot12345, He says he’s using cold water to clean the dishes. The dog’s name is Cold Water! It’s hilarious!!!!

  3. it’s a great joke but I have heard too many times before and my girlfriend freak out and scream!

  4. a few years ago our scout pack (im in boyscouts now) did a skit similar to this one it is an oldy but a goody

  5. Yes I’m a girl, but chill! It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong- girls can do whatever they want!

    About the joke, absolutely gross- my brother once ate meat our dog had licked though! (LOL) 🙂

  6. That’s so cute, he’ll pay more attention next time. Why didn’t he ask;why he didn’t have hot water??

  7. hockey girl the reason its called boys life is that it has boy jokes that boys like. your girl scout magizines jokes that you like!!! SO DONT CRITISIZE OUR BOY JOKES!!!!!

  8. LAUGH-O-METER says this joke is one of the funniest jokes it has seen yet,therefore the joke gets 999,000,out of 1,000,000.

  9. really really really really really really really AWESOME!!!!!!! that is by far the best joke I have ever heard!!!!!

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